There are a lot of bass guitar brands and even more bass guitar manufacturers. The enormous variety offered by all of these companies is available because the demand exists for a very wide variety of musical instruments. Each individual instrument also has a demand for many minor variations, designs and price ranges that has resulted in so many different brands and bass models.

We have put together a bass guitar brands list on this page that features a large majority of the major bass brands that are available for retail sale. The intention of this list is not to be a complete listing of all available brands, since there are hundreds or even thousands of small business brands. Instead, we have compiled this listing to direct you to the variety of basses that you can easily purchase no matter where you live.

You will likely be familiar with a number of the names on this list, even if you are a beginning bassist. The well known names are not the only brands available and certainly not the only ones that produce high quality bass guitars, both budget and high-end.

If you would like to find out more information about any of the brands on our list, simply click on the name to visit a page on our website that will give you a lot of information on the brand as well as some specific bass guitar models that they offer. Although we do not feature an individual page for all that are listed on this page, we have provided this information for some of the more well known and/or popular bass brands.

Bass Guitar Brands List