Best Bass Guitar Brands
Bass Guitar Brand Review
Fender is the original mass producer of the electric bass guitar. Their bass guitar manufacturing experience making durable and reliable guitars as well as their customer satisfaction ranks them as the top bass guitar brand.
Ibanez has become very popular among bass guitar musicians and many notable, famous bass players use their guitars. They offer very affordable beginner guitars all the way up to high-end guitars only for the serious musician.
Gibson is a leading manufacturer of guitars worldwide and ranks third in our top 10 bass guitar brands. They were the second company to mass produce electric bass guitars in the 1950s and is known for it's original electric bass guitar shaped like a violin that could be played horizontal or upright.
Yamaha is a mass manufacturer of a wide variety of guitars and other musical instruments. Yamaha bass guitars are known for their durability and craftsmanship, placing them on our best bass guitar brands list.
Dean bass guitars are especially popular among heavy metal musicians. They're known for their creative line of guitars and bass guitars, most notably the V and ML models. They also produce top quality bass guitars that are exclusively used by many famous musicians.
Epiphone is a long-running guitar manufacturer that produces a decent variety of classical electric bass guitars. Although they are technically owned by Gibson today, they still produce guitars under their own label and actually used to be one of Gibson's top competitor brands.
Hofner is a German guitar company that is best known for it's unique electric violin bass guitar, the "Beatle Bass", which was used and endorsed by Paul McCartney of the Beatles in the 1950s. The company now makes a wide variety of violin bass guitar models ranging from very expensive vintage remakes to very affordable models for casual players.
ESP, or Electronic Sound Products, is a Japanese based guitar manufacturer that is a top rival with Ibanez in the heavy metal industry. Although he is not a bass guitar player, one of ESP's most famous players is James Hetfield from Metallica. Their bass guitars have only recently become more affordable and widely available in the USA.
MusicMan is a very popular bass guitar company that was partially founded by Leo Fender. They are best known for mass producing the first bass guitar with powered electronics in the guitar itself, the StingRay.
G & L is another guitar company started by Leo Fender that produces high-end guitars and bass guitars. These guitars are made in the same manufacturing facility as the original MusicMan guitars. They are cherished among collectors and were Leo Fender's favorite guitars.