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Gibson followed Fender into the electric bass guitar market and they continued to apply their unique guitar look to new Gibson bass guitar models. Their first electric bass guitar was a violin bass that could be played like a traditional bass or like a modern electric bass.

Many guitar manufacturers make very similar models of guitars, but Gibson has never followed this trend even in the bass guitar market. They generally produced smaller bass guitars than competing Fender guitars. These guitars also featured a single pickup that is almost an extreme contrast with the Fender design.

These design features give Gibson guitars a unique sound and feel that is loved by millions of musicians around the world.

Although most Gibson bass guitar models have been discontinued or redesigned over the years, many modern models feature remakes of vintage bass guitar models. A very popular series like this is the Gibson SG Standard Bass, which is a remake of the Gibson EB0 & EB-3 that was discontinued in the 70s. This popular Gibson SG model features a 30.5″ scale length, adjustable bridge, dual pickups and a 20-fret Rosewood fingerboard.

Just like Fender, Gibson is a trusted bass guitar manufacturer that you can depend on for a high quality product with a stylish look for an affordable price.

Gibson also produces bass guitars under the Epiphone brand name. Epiphone also offers a number of very nice models that share the unique look of Gibson guitars.

Gibson Bass Guitar reviews

Gibson SG Bass

Gibson SG Bass Guitar

The Gibson SG is a 4 string electric bass guitar that is actually a reissue of the 1970s Gibson SG Bass with upgraded electronics. This model features a 30.5″ scale with a mahogany neck and body that uses dual humbucker pickups and a 3-way adjustable bridge. For Gibson bass lovers the SG Bass offers an extreme amount of quality and durability.

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Gibson Thunderbird IV

Gibson Thunderbird IV Guitar

The Gibson Thunderbird IV is very similar to Epiphone’s model but the Gibson model offers a superb amount of craftsmanship and high end parts. The Epiphone model is extremely popular so you know that the Gibson Thunderbird IV is just as popular with bassists that can afford the higher price tag.

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Gibson SG Standard Bass

Gibson SG Standard Bass Guitar

The Gibson SG Standard bass is another recreation of a Gibson classic the EB0. The EB0 was the original Gibson bass guitar so this model boasts improvements on their most popular bass model of all time. The SG Standard features a 30.5″ short scale and dual humbucker pickups.

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