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Hofner is the leading manufacturer of stringed instruments in Germany and is well known for it’s unique violin-style electric bass guitars. Hofner bass guitars were made popular by Paul McCartney, which is why many people refer to their most popular series of violin bass guitars as the “Beatle Bass”.

The “Beatle Bass” is actually the Hofner 500/1 model that McCartney used during the mid 1960s for recording and touring. The Hofner 500/1 is a unique hollow body violin-style electric, semi-acoustic bass guitar that has a very rich tone not present in other electric basses.

Most people will generally notice the light weight of these guitars as soon as they first hold it. Although some experienced players may be thrown off by this at first, it’s actually really nice once you get used to it. The shorter scale length of the fretboard and the light design helps to give you more control over the guitar in addition to the rich tone that the unique design produces.

Hofner is truly a high-end bass guitar manufacturer. You will not be able to find an authentic “Beatle Bass” that is cheap. In more recent years, they have made some more affordable models that are designed after the original. These cheaper models do offer many of the unique attributes of these guitars, but they are ultimately made with cheaper materials to achieve the lower price tag. Avid musicians and collectors are more than happy to pay retail price for a real Hofner 500/1 bass guitar.

Hofner Bass Guitar Reviews

Hofner 500 1 Vintage 58 Bass Guitar

Hofner 500/1 Vintage 58 Bass Guitar

The Hofner 500/1 Vintage 58 is a limited edition release of the original 1958 violin bass. The Hofner 500/1 is known as the absolute best violin bass even though other brands have tried to copy their famous Beatle Bass. This bass guitar was handmade in Germany and only 58 of them have been made!

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Hofner Icon Series Beatle Bass

Hofner Icon Series Beatle Bass Guitar

If you are looking to buy a Beatle Bass but you can’t afford the lofty price tag then the Hofner Icon Series Beatle Bass will be perfect for you. This is a production line model that is based on the original Hofner 500/1 Beatle Bass. At only 10% of the cost of a real Beatle Bass the Icon Series model is simply a steal for a genuine Hofner instrument.

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Hofner H5000 Violin Bass

Hofner H5000 Violin Bass Guitar

The Hofner H5000 is a really nice limited edition violin bass that is similar to the very popular Beatle Bass and a bit cheaper. The H5000 is an instrument fit for a king featuring an ebony fretboard with pearl headstock inlays and gold plated hardware.

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