Silvertone Bass Guitars

Silvertone used to be a brand name for sound equipment produced by Sears, but the modern brand name is owned by Samick Music Corporation. Silvertone now represents a line of Silvertone beginners guitars, Silvertone bass guitars and amplifiers that are considered to be budget electric guitars.

Although Silvertone is a budget name that is really just using some of the former glory from the old brand name, the modern guitars are actually very well made especially when you consider their price tag. Many famous musicians started with a Silvertone guitar or bass guitar, so they have fond memories of this brand and still review it well.

If you have never owned or even played a bass guitar before, we highly recommend a Silvertone bass. This instrument is well built and will give you the opportunity to get familiar with the bass guitar without spending a fortune.

It is also an excellent choice for kids or teenagers that are interested in playing the bass guitar. It’s often hard to tell if young adults will retain an interest in any activity, so it’s a wise choice to not spend too much while maintaining a high quality purchase. Silvertone offers just that with their bass guitar kits and beginners basses.

Take a look through some of our model reviews below that will help you narrow you choice to a specific bass guitar. In general, a lot of Silvertone bass guitars and beginner’s kits are available for under $150-$200.

Silvertone Bass Guitar Reviews

Silvertone LB11 Blue Beginner's Kit

Silvertone LB11 Blue Beginner’s Kit

The Silvertone LB11 is a beginner’s bass guitar kit that includes a Silvertone Revolver LB11 4 string electric bass guitar and a BAXs 10 watt bass amplifier. This is the #1 beginner’s kit on the market because it includes everything you need to start playing bass guitar for one very affordable price.

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Silvertone LB11 Sunburst

Silvertone LB11 Sunburst Beginner’s Kit

The Silvertone LB11 Sunburst Beginner’s Kit is the same bass guitar beginner’s kit but with a sunburst body bass. Includes the Silvertone LB11 sunburst bass guitar BAXs bass amp gig bag electronic tuner guitar picks guitar strap guitar cable and an instructional DVD. For one low price you really can’t find a better deal to start playing bass guitar.

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Silvertone LB11 Red

Silvertone LB11 Red

The Silvertone LB11 Red is the same 4 string bass guitar that comes with the beginner’s kit except this one has a red body. This is not a beginner’s package – it is only the electric bass guitar and it is one of the most affordable budget bass guitars on the market today. Highly recommended for first time bass players.

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