Yamaha Bass Guitars

Yamaha is a huge Japanese corporation that is the largest musical instrument manufacturer in the world. Among these instruments are numerous stringed instruments like the Yamaha Bass Guitars.

Since Yamaha has been successful making and selling instruments for over 120 years, they have a ton of resources that they can pour into research and design of their products. This is a major reason why they have been able to compete in so many different markets and still maintain their quality.

Yamaha bass guitars gained their popularity during an infamous time for Japanese guitar manufacturers. While other companies were making rip-off versions of popular American bass guitar models, Yahama decided to take the high road and developed their own models. These early models offered the interesting Japanese guitar style and an affordable price to the USA market, which really helped to propel their bass guitar division.

These are popular bass guitars because of the extreme playability that is a result of ingenious design improvements on classical guitars. Convenient controls, slender bodies and slender necks are among the major factors that contribute to the playability that Yamaha guitars are known for.

Yamaha offers a number of different models of basses today that will suit a wide variety of players ranging from complete beginners to professional musicians. Their Signature series caters to the high-end market, offering some truly spectacular bass guitars that are used by professionals.

If you’re new to the bass guitar, the RBX series is excellent for beginners and has a very reasonable price tag. Yamaha RBX models are some of the best and most popular beginning bass guitars on the market, especially under $200.

Yamaha Bass Guitars Review

Yamaha Attitude LTDII Billy Sheehan Signature Bass

Yamaha Attitude LTDII Billy Sheehan Signature Bass

Yamaha Attitude LTDII Billy Sheehan Signature Bass is tde genius of Billy Sheehan and Yamaha’s custom bass shop. It features a 34″ scale length with 21 frets on a maple neck. It’s alder body includes dual Dimarzio WillPower pickups that go to two output jacks! For the experienced bassist that is looking for a high-end bass that has it all the Attitude LTDII will not disappoint.

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Yamaha RBX375

Yamaha RBX375

Yamaha RBX375 is a nice mid-range 5 string electric bass guitar that features an alder body with dual humbuckers and a maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard. This is a great instrument for any bassist because of it’s extreme playability and clean sound.

Yamaha RBX170

Yamaha RBX170

Yamaha RBX170 is a beginner’s 4 string electric bass guitar. Although it’s a bit more expensive than some of the other beginner’s basses on the market the Yamaha RBX170 is better than the competitors. This model actually includes a guitar tuner picks and straps.

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